Abnormal experiences on Aussie streets

We as a whole need to accept.

It may be a gooey line from the famous science fiction TV program The X-Files, yet a significant number of Australia’s truckies figure there may be something out there.

We requested that our Facebook adherents share their scariest paranormal encounters with us and here is 15 of the creepiest.

Rest tight everybody!

  1. Diminish Robinson

“Going over the Pilliga amidst the night, there was a glimmer of light in the taxi. Investigating the traveler side was a picture of a lady.

“It cracked the sh*t out of me, presently I won’t cross the Pilliga during the evening.

“I’ll stop at Coonabarrabran or Narrabri and hold up until sunlight, regardless of how late I’m going.”

  1. Max Brady

“Creepiest thing at any point seen was the first occasion when I drove north west towards Longreach at sunset or as it’s getting dull. For what is by all accounts an endless skyline the closer you get to Longreach, the picture of a large plane shows up not too far off.

“It tends to be seen for a decent couple of minutes until you can really make out what it is.

“Exactly when you begin to think you are seeing things and it is vanishing with the blurring light , with the going down of the sun.

“The lodge lights of the plane please and the arrival lights begin to streak, it truly is an instance of being in the correct spot at the ideal time .

“It was one shocking sentiment of pondering whether it was going to arrive or had quite recently landed.

“At that point as I folded into the edges of Longreach it was the place they stopped the Qantas enormous as a major aspect of the Qantas Museum.”

  1. Owen Weir

“A Thursday morning I passed the area of a man hit by a truck close Robina in Queensland.

“He was still in pieces and no white spread.

“The following night I was on my arrival trip. As I ignored the area of street, I looked in my mirror to see a shadow in the state of a man pursuing the truck.

“I don’t think my truck has ever gone so quick northbound among Robina and Mudgereeba.”

  1. Patrick Rollings

“Not driving a truck, however in my ute 2am among Junnee and Wagga I came up short on fuel, rang my better half to bring cutter tin, while I was holding up I seen a fella strolling past in a rancher cap and enormous coat.

“At the point when sweetheart arrived I inquired as to whether she seen him and she said no, there was no other traffic out and about whichever way from the time I seen him till she got to me with fuel, I said when you head back to Junnee simply keep the quickening agent level.

“That night still frequents me today and that was 1993.”

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